Anonymous: Anthony, every time I see you we have a good time but you never make anything of it. There is no reason for you not to, I am just curious why you can't make a move on a woman?

I’m trying to think of a way to say this without sounding like an asshole, but I don’t think that there’s any way to sugar coat it. Truth is, I am incredibly picky when it comes to girls. If I led you to believe that there was some sort of “thing” between us, I’m sorry, but chances are that somewhere along the line I had a change of heart. I don’t know the extent of my “teasing” you, because you’re anonymous. I’d say that if I haven’t solidified anything with you yet, it’s because I am either not interested, not in a good state of mind to make such heavy decisions, or you haven’t made your advances clear enough. It’s most likely not the latter, because I’m very good at knowing when a girl is into me. Anyway, I’d be willing to bet that it’s because I don’t want to be romantically involved with you. I’m very particular when it comes to those things.

One of my favorite things to do

is to get an extra cup and lid from the tea house so I can fill it up with beer and walk around town getting drunk. Today I’ll do just that, and I’ll write down all the things I do and see. Maybe I’ll post some of those things for you. I doubt it though.

You know you’re lazy when you’re laying down on your side and typing/scrolling with one hand at a rate of about ten words per minute. How else am I supposed go from the internet straight into a nap?

I may never live as a writer,
but I will die as one.

Paper Thin Apologies

You wear my memory on your sleeve,
and it bleeds desperate moans
into white lines of the black journal
you keep under your tongue.
Where you hold each wasted thought
spent on the love that never was.

So you paint your heavy eyes
to match the color of emptiness
that keeps you awake at night.
Drinking the stars into disarray
is just another way of saying goodbye,
but leaving can take an entire life.

And, I’m sorry.
But I know it means nothing.

Final Scene (Before the Credits)

The rain came all at once that year
and our summer sun slept for a week
beneath blankets of darkened sky.
Exploding with each burst of electric light,
the heavens cracked like sun worn pavement
and we watched as fire fell from faded blue.

Nothing is more perfect than warm lips meeting
as puddles grow into oceans beneath our feet.
Drowned is the fear of the lonesome and cold
as the world fills up with the weight of the sky.
Our love rising with our bodies confused heat
From steam, to fog, and everything beyond.

Yeah, unfollow me for posting a shitty poem, but don’t unfollow me for not posting anything for months. Apparently I’m more popular in silence. This wasn’t very good reassurance that I should come back to tumblr.

We’re Dreaming

I keep thinking
about the hours spent
in my tired head,
just spinning webs
of poisoned thoughts.

And I’m missing
the rhythm of your
fingers against my skin,
like the moon misses
the company of
a distant sun.

I’m in pieces,
halfway lit,
but the other half
is with you,
getting lost
in dying days.

Anonymous: I'd love you if you'd let me.

How can I let you love me if I don’t know who you are?

Anonymous: I was so overwhelmed to find that I could anonymously write you something that it has destroyed my chance of sleeping. Come to find out I'm suppose to ask you a question. Fuck. Well, why are you single? Selfishly, I'm glad but genuinely confused.

Shit, I don’t know. I’m a lonely fuck. You can message me off anon. I’d like that more.

Don’t Leave

This temple is in ruins
from scathing memories
that refract all light.
The broken time that
lies beneath your breast
is in constant knots
that eat you alive.

And I’ve seen how your
eyes shine beneath the
star freckled night.
All you want is to die
so you can join each
spot of light that shakes
against the black sky.

But the world won’t let you go

Six Months

It’s been since you left.
When our last goodbyes
were held in a short drive,
and I kissed you one last time
even though I shouldn’t have.
You said you didn’t know,
but I knew damn well-
There’s nothing left of
what’s never been.

You Made Me

Now I’m just a shell
of what you had.
No one will ever
see that side
of me again.

This Cage

He knows more than he’ll say
takes credit for silence,
offers only his stare.

Sinking in our mutual distaste
for what we’ve become;
the two of us are dreadful as one.
Just to know where I stand
is like falling in a dream,
and my stomach is in knots
over these shaky remains.

She’s the soul of a sigh
with cold in her eyes,
best when she’s one.

Loneliness is the only mistress
who’s hand has bloodied us both;
a fever that won’t let go.
It twists me into restless nights
and I stare into darkness,
imagining this misery in my mirrors
as I leave it all behind.

We’re empty rooms
in a house that’s
not our own.

Collaboration with Maggie